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Our “Fair and Square” guarantee.

Being “Old School,” we believe in doing things the right way.

We offer great products at reasonable prices. If for some reason you don’t like
what you receive, we’ll make it right. If the delivery driver runs over your package
you won’t find us making excuses or trying to “pass the buck”. If you are not
satisfied with our products for whatever reason, please let us know and we will
make it right. That’s our guarantee to you.

We at Alaska Gourmet have been in the seafood business for quite a long time.  Collectively, we have almost 75 years of experience in the industry. You might envision one really old guy with a long beard filling orders, but there are actually a few of us (without beards). We are lifelong residents of Alaska, making us “Sourdoughs,” if you are familiar with the term.

In the beginning we worked on the production end; fishing the Gulf of Alaska for halibut and codfish, seining for herring in Kodiak, and pot fishing for crab and shrimp in Prince William Sound. We even participated in the more obscure commercial dive fisheries harvesting herring roe on kelp and sea urchin roe (both delicacies found in sushi bars).

We have operated tender vessels, purchasing salmon and herring from fishermen then transporting the catch to shore-side plants for processing.

Roughly 23 years ago we opened a plant in Anchorage, Alaska, where we have processed everything from crab to caviar. Our products have been marketed in the Lower 48 states, Hawaii, Canada, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and probably a few other countries we have forgotten to mention.

After a few years of leasing warehouses we decided to purchase an older building, needing repair, which we could convert to a processing plant.  Unbeknownst to us, our new processing plant previously housed an after-hours gambling operation. This may have been a disappointment to the few who showed up to find their roulette table had been replaced with live tanks filled with king crab.

So, why buy your seafood from us? Over the years we have cultivated relationships with top seafood producers. We know who produces the best quality seafood and have aligned ourselves with those who share our commitment to quality. We are passionate about seafood, we enjoy what we do and we are good at it. If you want the best Alaska has to offer, give us a call.


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